A Dawn Becoming

A Dawn Becoming

By Sara Fincham

Some bands begin and end before they even get started. Some bands start successfully then succumb to selfish scenarios. Many times as members go so does the group. Too often first time bands forget to build the foundation to fall back on in case they falter. However, there are those rare bands that have the resolve and resiliency to survive rotating replacements and rough roadblocks, who become better as a band for the barriers that they have beaten. A Dawn Becoming is one of those rare, remarkable bands.

ADB began in May 2007 in Wellsboro, PA when Ted Everingham, Dennis Gee and Bryon Wright began writing a slew of songs. Satisfied with their writings, they just needed to surround themselves with a couple more masterful members, which they found in Dave Shaffer and Eric Parks. That particular posse self produced and put out the album “Emotions Will Run” in April 2009. Both Bryon and Dave branched off and Jake Hartz and Alan Cunningham, formerly of Aversion, began their bustle with the band – Jake on vocals and Alan on drums, completing the contributions of Dennis and Eric on guitar and Ted on bass.

ADB’s music is a mixture of metal influenced by the broad, blended backgrounds of the boys in the band. With songs that are sometimes slow, frequently fast, from time to time fleetingly fast, and forevermore fun, it’s hard to find a flaw to file against them. They are working on more momentous, original material as well as bequeathing us with a basket full of brilliant covers for the favorable future. The band was becoming enough to bestow answers to my questions:

Sara Fincham: It seems you started in a serious, sincere way—by writing songs instead of just saying “Hey—let’s start a band.” You had the foundation to jump from, so when you were approaching potential players for your band was it easier to convince them that you were serious and get them on board because you already had songs written or was that just a jump start?

Eric: Oh it was definitely easier approaching potential members since most of the first album was already written! I was one of the guys they got a hold of as soon as my old band broke up. I think it just made life a lot easier at the time because it was like picking up right where I left off.

SF: How did you decide on the members for the band – was it chemistry, was it what they could add to the band, was it talent, or was it a combination of a lot of things?

E: Well it definitely was NOT talent! Just kidding! The guys in the band, both previous and currently, are some of the most talented people I know. It was really a lot of chance I’d say. We were all available at roughly the same time so we figured, hey why not?!

SF: As with many bands, members come and go – has the rotation been hard to handle, or has it been fluid for you?

E: Honestly, the member changes have gone better than we could have hoped. This band is actually made up of two former local bands, so everyone in the band now already knew everyone else in it. When it came time to move ahead with picking up a new lead singer and drummer, Jake and Alan (respectively) were no-brainer choices. Those guys are both super cool, super good at what they do, and Jake’s just so darn cute! Ha!

SF: I know you are currently working on some new material. Can you compare and contrast it to your last EP? Will it sound somewhat the same, what’s different, etc.?

E: Upon reading this question Ted looks at me and says, “Well, it’s COMPLETELY different.” When you add two new members it really has a big influence in sound. Plus Emotions Will Run was mostly written before I joined so you have really three new personalities coming out in the new material. You can still expect some heavy sounds, some mellow tunes, and a lot of the singing/screaming back and forth play. But, we’ve all progressed a lot in the past couple years as musicians so the new material shows growth in musicianship and a more dynamic style song than what you’ve heard from us!

SF: It seems you are a very blended band and I must say I find that quite enjoyable! What kind of musical backgrounds does each of you bring?

E: It really comes from everything this side of the fence of country/polka. Of course we’re always going to be metal kids at heart, but we have this weird love affair with pop music that would make Justin Timberlake blush. Jake’s going to hate me for saying this, but I listen to John Mayer as much as any metal band out right now haha. This being said, I probably wouldn’t hold my breath for a blues single anytime soon.

SF: I have heard and am a fan of your “Umbrella” cover, as I am a fan of many “Umbrella” covers haha. What other covers have you done, are planning to do (unless you are waiting to surprise us all then please keep it under wraps), or would like to do? I really wish somebody would redo some 80’s Madonna!

E: Thanks! Glad you like it. We like to think that the only person that rocks Rihanna harder is Chris Brown, but we decided to move on to the new queen of pop. That’s right… Lady Gaga! Our “Paparazzi” cover is on its way so hold on tight. But hey, Madonna might get her turn on the ADB train someday.

SF: I have to say you’ve had some good exposure. How did the Vans competition go and I know you made some good impressions on people, but did you make any good connections?

E: Actually the Vans competition is still going on! The final for that battle is April 16th so we’ll know pretty soon. We definitely had a blast with the crowd out there. Our biggest connection has been with East Coast Independent, they just put us on a bill with Texas In July this summer!

SF: I am impressed to see that you have merchandise available! How did the t-shirts come about, who designs them, and will there be more merch available in the future?

E: I actually went through a company called Outre Visuals that I found on Myspace a few years ago and they hooked us up with some pretty cool designs. We do have some new merch coming to go along with the release of “Tides” in June. Those shirts are being done by Frank Davidavage from the band Aaron Charles. He does some really cool designs which we’re all really excited about!

A Dawn Becoming

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