Alexi Murdoch is a Thoughtful Thief

Alexi Murdoch Is A Thoughtful Thief

By Sara Fincham

Toward the Sun, Scottsman Alexi Murdoch’s not yet released follow up to 2006’s incomparable Time Without Consequence, is a limited-edition album of late-night lullabies. Murdoch is a thoughful thief, a storyteller that steals your stress with his soothing sound that’s good for your soul. He is the voice of vindication that will guide you through the darkest days with a guitar and a graceful guile. With no catchy choruses, there is no hook to reel you in – just an open invitation to listen and not be lonely. Murdoch will take your time and troubles with a short seven song sequel, lift the load off your shoulders, and welcome you to sit and stay for a while.

Opening track “Towards The Sun” sets the tone for his therapeutic third release. Right away you can put down your problems because his music will protect you. He observes, “See the clouds are creeping towards the sun,” and offers words of wisdom with lyrics like “I dreamed of walking with you but I fell behind/Looking for a rose I could not find…there is no one calling but the sound is so clear/Though I’m not yet gone I’m still not here.” The second track, “At Your Door,” offers a faster beat with a discrete bass drum in the background and unconditional consultation – “Take from me all you think you need…I will never let you down.”

Continuing with the common family theme in his songs, third track “Some Day Soon” is for his father. He lets us glimpse into his guarded life, “I love my father and I love him well/I hope to see him someday soon,” then let us know that he is “lost as sure as I was found.” The follow up fourth track “Slow Revolution” is perfectly placed in the middle of the album. Murdoch reveals “Its a slow revolution that quietly turns,” then explains with my favorite lyrics within the seven songs, “Look at the shadows bent forward trying to break through the night/Huddled against the darkness, so close to the light.”

Falling in the five spot is “through the Dark,” which can be heard during the end credits of Gone Baby Gone and in season 5 episode 8 of House “Emancipation .” In it, Alexi admits his faults with eloquence, “You need someone to hear you when you sigh/Someone to wipe away those tears you cry/Someone to hold you ‘neath the darkened sky/Someone to love you more than I…I love you girl, I love you more than I can say/Even with my heart in the way.”

The sixth song is “Her Hands Were Leaves,” speaking of his mother. “Now Momma she is crying on the stair, her hands are leaves, the light is in her hair/ As she prays she thinks that no one heard/Mother you are a bird, and all around the light.” Closing out the collection is “Crinan Wood.” It is unusually upbeat and remembers people from the past: “It was cold, you hid your hands inside your sleeve/As we walked I heard the laughter in the leaves…all the wise and light I have left them in my youth/And I have only just memory fool proof.” It ends with a barely audible “I miss you.”

After the short set was done, I missed Alexi! He is the most reliable musician making music. Alexi Murdoch is the friend you can always go to when you need a pure perspective and a shoulder to sleep on. No matter what your hindrance he will be understanding and magnanimous. He has a consistency that will cure your conscious and expects nothing in return. If it was just you, your headlights, and the highway, Alexi Murdoch would hold your hand, and no matter how dark your dilemma, he will generously guide you toward the sun!

Alexi Murdoch


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