Chelsea Girls: The Night at the Foxy

The Chelsea Girls, an all-female super-cover group, have made their home once a month at The Roxy in West Hollywood. Living up to their slogan, “For those about to rock, we seduce you,” their show is loud and alluring. Drummer Samantha Maloney has played in bands like Hole and Motley Crue and is currently on the Showtime Emmy-nominated show Californication.  Bassist Corey Parks of Nashville Pussy not only plays an instrument in the group, but was the person who proposed the idea that came to be called the Chelsea Girls.  Guitarist Allison Robertson of The Donnas is a fan favorite and won Guitar Player’s 2008 Readers Choice Award, and fervent front-woman Tuesdae is a sundry singer who appeared in Playboy, is a world-famous DJ, and has won awards for her cabarets. When the Chelsea Girls seduce you they are not gentle – they spit on you, make you sweat, rock their way into your root, and take over your ticker so that your heart needs to hear more!

While waiting in line for tickets I spontaneously got a glimpse of the opening bands singer, Emily of Go Betty Go. Her friend was in line in front of me and she benevolently brought her a wristband so she could get in. I was unfamiliar with the band, but after observing them open I am now a faithful fan! Drummer Aixa, guitarist Betty, bassist Phil and vocalist Emily were energetic, cheeky, charming, and incredibly irresistible, and yes – so were their songs! Their set included the salient “City Lights” and the inescapable “I’m From L.A.” To get more info and hear more magnetic music you can visit their MySpace at

Kicking our asses second was Killola, who were playing their first show of their Maximum Bits tour. With band members Danny on drums, Johnny on bass, Mike on guitar, and leading lady Lisa, Killola reminded me of what music is missing – pure unpredictability. They had a spontaneous stage presence that was stimulating to see. I cut myself off in the middle of a conversation to corroborate the commotion that was taking place on stage and laughed out loud at their loose-lipped laconic lyrics. If you’re available for an adventure, acquire more information and download their entire album for free at, watch their new video “Cracks in the Armor” on their website, or catch them on their current tour.

I have seen the Chelsea Girls before, at their third show, and just had to come back for more, even though I’m from the east coast! I thought I knew what to expect, but was thrown for a terrific turn of top-notch tunes and a forewarning from a fellow fan: “If you stand there, Corey’s going to spit water on you.” I stepped slightly to the right, but didn’t want to surrender my front row stage space and was actually curious about Corey’s water works. They opened the show with “Holy Diver ” by Dio and Tuesdae came out to a fog machine that made her fuzzy to the fans, dressed in a black outfit, complete with cape. Throughout the show she unlayered, first with the cape and then eventually with her pants. Their set included “Master of Puppets” by Metallica, “Live Wire” by Motley Crue, “Mother” by Danzig, “Heartbreaker” by Pat Benatar, “Crazy On You” by Heart, and my personal favorite of the night, “Cherry Bomb” by The Runaways. As always, they had surprise special guests, and Billy Morrison of The Cult joined them for “TNT” by AC/DC.

I did get repeatedly rained on by Corey’s wild ways, and Tuesdae commented “At least that wasn’t fire!” After the last song Corey handed out what water bottles she had left, and I was lucky enough to obtain one. I also got rocked by Allison’s ripe riffs and assaulted by Sam’s supreme skill with the sticks.  Tuesdae interacted with the intimate crowd and belted some of the best songs ever written. Throughout the entire show my hands were in the air and my heart was beating it’s lovely ballad: CG, CG, CG!

The Chelsea Girls

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