Kellie Lynne: All the Right Ingredients

The first thing that caught my eye about Kellie Lynne was her sincerity, so it’s no surprise that she sings with such a strong, stirring supposition that it earned her a standing ovation when she performed on “Showtime at the Apollo.” Kellie can command a crowd with her palpable, powerful presence. She was also bestowed with being the # 1 Unsigned Country Artist in the state of Pennsylvania and the number 24 Unsigned Country Artist in the nation according to the top artists of MySpace. She was a Nashville Star finalist in 2008 and has opened for such astonishing artists as Loretta Lynn, Joe Nichols, Mark Wills, Chris Cagle, and John Michael Montgomery. Kellie has made her rounds on the radio, racking up the # 1 request for her song “Bad” on Nashville11’s station and her song “I’m There” found rotation on the radio and managed to make it’s way to #87 on the charts without any outside promotion. She has also taken the show on the road averaging well over 100 dates per year, and is making another big move — from Pittsburgh to Nashville!

The sonorous singer/songwriter has a cd under her belt, most likely with matching boots! It’s obvious that crowds are captivated by her capabilities, and I predict they will be pleased with her personality. Kellie has a delectable disposition, which isn’t a surprise. She has the important ingredients of initiative mixed with 3 cups of kindness, capability and character, a spoonful of spirit, a sprinkle of sweetness, a dash of dedication and desire, add some appreciation and accomplishments mixed with some moxie and you can almost taste the talent, because Kellie sure serves it up on a platter!
Sara Fincham: You’re an Aquarius. I’m your astrological opposite, by the way — Leo! The characteristics of this sun sign are traditionally friendly and humanitarian, honest and loyal, original and inventive, independent and intellectual, and on the dark side — contrary, unpredictable, and unemotional. Likes include fame and recognition, dreams, and eccentricity. Dislikes include emotion and intimacy, people who show off, being taken for granted, being pinned down, violence and fighting, and senseless or purposeless extravagance of any sort. Are you compatible with your star sign? I would disagree with the unemotional trait, just fyi. I think you’re very emotional, professionally.

Kellie Lynne: Wow! I must say that this is the first time that I’ve ever been asked about my astrological sign! I love it though! I’ve always been a firm believer in the signs! I would most definitely say that the description of what you found narrows me down to a tee (except the unemotional-I believe too that I’m emotional in many aspects)!

SF: I read in your bio that you think performing live is the best feeling. What makes it so special and do you remember the first time you did? Were you in choir, musicals, talent shows in school?

KL: Performing live is absolutely the best feeling! I think that if you ask any artist that they would probably agree with me as well! There’s just something about getting the rush right before you take the stage! I get mixed feelings of being excited and nervous! Once I take the stage, to know that the audience is having a great time dancing and singing along to your music with you…that’s just a feeling that you cannot take for granted!

The first time that I performed on stage was when I was 7 years old at my school talent show! I sang Whitney Houston’s, “I Will Always Love You.” That’s when I knew that I had to keep on performing! From there my parents got me involved in singing lessons, choir, show choir, dance classes, school and community theater,
pageants, gymnastics, baton, softball, cheerleading, basketball, and track throughout my school years! I was highly involved with activities growing up! There was never a dull moment around the house…that’s for sure!

SF: You also have a love for footwear — heels and boots. I love boots! Are we going to get a song about boots, or heels — or a shoe song in general?

KL: Yes I do! It’s definitely one of my fashion addictions! Well, I do not have a song about boots, but I do have a song about, “Little Tight Jeans.” Maybe I’ll have to write a song about boots-I think that could be fun!

SF: Your dogs are so adorable — will they be making the move as well?

KL: Thank you! Only one of my dogs will be making the move to Nashville with me— Ava! She’s my new Weimeraner puppy! I wish that I could take all of my animals with me though! I’m going to be very sad to not go down to the barn everyday and see them! Fortunately I have found homes for all of the animals, and a lot of them went to friends or family so I’ll be able to hear updated stories about them!

SF: I like that you like clothes but you also like to be comfy. What is the extent of your girly-ness – are you keep-a-bottle-of- fingernail- polish- in- the- side- slot- of- your- driver- side- door- so- you- can- touch- up- during- traffic- lights girly, or just more so a fashion enthusiast?

KL: I honestly laughed when I read this question! I do at some points have a bottle of nail polish in my drivers side door, but not really because I’m that “kind of girl”….but more because I’m ALWAYS in such a rush and running all over the place that I have to paint my nails in the car! I’m a little bit of everything when it comes to comfort and style! I can be a “fashion enthusiast” and shop at the mall to find the newest styles, or I love to go to Goodwill and find the best bargains! Then at the end of the day I get excited to come home and throw on an old comfy pair of shorts/sweatpants and and t-shirt!

SF: As far as songwriting goes — when you write do you write alone, when the songwriters write do they write the whole thing, or do you collaborate? What’s your favorite lyric from a song? What’s your favorite lyric that you’ve ever written?

KL: I always start to write a song by myself, but then I like to finish by co-writing! I’m still pretty new to the writing world, so it’s best for me to collaborate with a talented writer to help finish the job! When I write with my one friend, he just helps to pour out fresh ideas and it’s a lot of fun!

Favorite Lyric I wrote-“When you look at me, I’m the woman that I want to be, and that’s all that I need.” Favorite Lyric by another artist-“I am unraveling, unbearably empty-And if this ground gives way, I just hope that you’ll catch me.”

SF: The stairway to success that you’ve been steadily climbing — how far are you from the door at the top and do you ever look back and reminisce about how far you’ve come, and also — what was the first step for you, how did it all begin?

KL: I’ve been in this business for a while now, and I try not to think about how far away or close I am to the “door to the top.” Honestly I just try to think about the next step that I need to take to get me that much closer! You’ve got to be positive in this business, or else you can fall very fast! I do look back though all of the time and think about how much I have accomplished throughout the years! I’m so proud of everything and thankful to everyone that has helped me along the way!

This adventure all began after my first performance at my school talent show when I was 7 years old! I fell in love with being on stage, and I was lucky enough to have supportive parents to help me grow into the artist that I am today!

*Sidenote — just in case you didn’t believe me when I spoke of how incredible and enthusiastic she is, notice how 95 % of her sentences end in exclamations — irresistible!

Kellie Lynne

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