Monster Ball Birthday Bash

     Two of my favorite functions are themed parties and music, so when the theme of the party is music, you better believe I’ll be there! When The Haus of Gaga—Morgantown Chapter, the fan-formed faction of Lady Gaga’s creative team, threw a Monster Ball Birthday Bash there wasn’t any obstacle that could obstruct me from attending. On Friday June 18th on a calm, quiet street in Morgantown, WV, which has been bestowed the “Best Small City in the East” and “Third Best in America” by the book The New Rating Guide to Life in America’s Small Cities, as well as consecutively claiming the coveted title of “Best Party School in America,” what looked like a typical porch party wasn’t the customary college communion. Although there was beer pong being played, jello shots to suck down, and a keg to conquer, this was a party with a musical purpose—to celebrate Jordan Tyler’s birthday, yes, but it was also a laudation to the lovely Lady Gaga – not just by dressing as her, but the point of the party was to be a free bitch, to be comfortable in your own skin and to feel secure about yourself.

Nipples were taped, fishnets were frequent, leotards and lightning bolts were lavish, glasses and glitter were garnished, thongs were thick and accessories included disco sticks, chains, beer can curlers and caution tape. Drinks were drank and pants were prohibited. On the porch homemade moonshine was being passed around and people were personable and polite. One particular person I met was Shane Dameron, otherwise known as DJ Curser.

Sara Fincham: Morgantown is known as a party town, so is that helpful to what you do—does it make it easier for you to get work?

DJ Curser: Well playing out is one thing, playing out and getting paid for it is few and far between. I play out 4-8 times a month and getting paid, well, for this maybe twice. I can play out every day of the week here but honestly it’s not worth the wear and tear on my gear to do so. Eighty percent of venues stock med quality cd players. I’ve used technics turntables for 15 years and I’m not going to change up anytime soon.

SF: You have a lot of experience— when did spinning go from a hobby to a career for you
and how did you get started?

DJ: Yes I’ve been mixing for a very long time. Originally I was a skateboarder. I started skating in 1978 when I was 4, and then I ended up getting sponsored when I was 22. Then I had a serious injury that took me out of the game. I was dabbling with dj-ing during the same time, but not seriously. After the injury I took the negative and made a
positive -focused on dj-ing and after a few years I started doing house parties then rave parties, working with jazz bands, experimental bands and so on.

SF: How far do you go for hire – Pittsburgh, etc.? What’s the farthest you’ve traveled for a job?

DJ: Right now Pittsburgh’s about as far as I travel and Casper, Wyoming is the farthest I’ve traveled to dj an event.

SF: Musically what does Morgantown have to offer? What can you say about the local scene?

DJ: The electronic scene here is awesome. There is a lot of talent passing through.

SF: You were telling me at the party about a time when you took a break—can you elaborate on why and what made you come back–to WV and to djing?

DJ: I moved to southern W.V. to chill with family and do some blue collar work for a while. I dj-ed out a few times down south and put in an hour or to every other day or so to keep my focus.

SF: Do you mainly do weekend work or are you busy during the week as well?

DJ: Yes I mostly do weekend sessions.

SF: Who are your favorite djs?

DJ: I’m not following too many djs right now. My early influences were The Viory Corp, Shadow Icey, Cut Chemist, Shadow Records, Ninja Tune. Mostly Florida Breaks Trip Hop and DMC Compilations.

SF: You do live streams on the internet. What are they about and where can we watch them?

DJ: Yes I do live streams my channel is on justintv at http://www.justintv/djcurser and I have some gear that can be purchased here: Mostly I dj for fun out of the house I’ll bring in djs I know from in and out of town, have beers, broadcast and just have fun. I’m having some camera resolution issues right now so until I get the bugs out I’m not doing any shows, but it won’t be long before I get it straight.

SF: Any good songs we should know about?

DJ: I’m so stocked up with music right now it’s taking me forever to get through it, so as I preview tracks I pull them to the side and after I get a bunch, work with them and play them, I generally don’t play the same set twice, but you can check out my boy at or He DJs by Cringer the grind king and he writes
some pretty good tracks and gigs out a bunch.

DJ Curser
Haus of Gaga – Morgantown Chapter

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