Nicollette Varanelli Makes a Debonair Debut

For someone who was performing the lead in plays that she wrote herself at the ripe old age of five, to say that Nicollette Varanelli is a hard-working, wise, wonderful woman is an utter understatement. While she enjoyed the attention performing provided she also realized the real reason she sought the spotlight: she unselfishly wanted to see the smiles her songs could create. She wanted to make other people happy. However, she does have a hankering to honor. “I’m a totally different person when I’m not on stage or in front of the camera. I’m a simple person and don’t crave public attention at all, but put me on stage and then my adrenaline flows.”

For someone who has just released her first cd and is hustling to be heard among the gigantic group of girls who are pursuing their pop passions and have a fever for fame, Nicollette isn’t collecting the currency or pocketing any pennies from her debut disc. Instead, she has graciously been giving all the green she’s getting to St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. “I love children and these poor kids are stricken with illnesses at such a young age. It makes me sad. If i can put smiles on the children’s faces it makes me happy, so I decided I would not take any money from my first cd and just send my share to the hospital.”

Nicollette not only supremely sings songs, but she also is a songwriter and co-wrote every song on her cd. Her road to render her dreams reality wasn’t always ravishing, though. “My dad, who manages me, sat through 100’s of meetings with all kinds of music people with nothing ever materializing, [but] we never stopped believing.” Thanks to other outlets, Nicollette’s valid voice is gradually getting attention. “As an unknown artist it’s hard to get known. There is no secret formula to get your name out there other than play anywhere and everywhere you can, but that’s usually just at a local level. MySpace has [helped] me reach people I sometimes have to pinch myself to believe, so i owe Tom big time!”

On her disc she delivers pop/rock with some powerful pipes. She has a sensational singing style and she can switch it up with a slow song that can give you goosebumps or flawlessly finesse a faster track. She enlightens with lyrics like “let go/ its the one and only way you can ever gain control.” She has an envious edge and her songs seem effortless until the end. She packs a powerful punch, performing with personality and passion, charisma and class.

Nicollette has the face, but foremost the faculty that will get her to greatness. She’s grounded but glam. She has style, a smile, and a voice that’s worth your while! Most prominent is that she projects a positive attitude, is chatty and charitable, and is comfortable with being considered a role model. “I think young girls are able to see I’m sincere.” Nicollette is sincere – sincerely skilled and genuinely generous!

Nicollette Varanelli

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