Technology makes things a lot easier, I can’t argue that.  I can talk to people who I don’t banter with on a daily basis.  I can be friends with people I have never even met. I can meet people who don’t live in my apartment complex, communicate with companions from other countries, make music without actually touching an instrument, talk, text, navigate and search simultaneously.  However, for me, I’ve found some of my favorite bands the old-fashioned way – word of mouth!

Being that I write about music, I’m bombarded with “have you heards” and “you should sees.”   Some of these leads have been ludicrous while others have been boastfully brilliant.  Through simple word of mouth I found my soul mate in Alexi Murdoch (thank you Jon Bonham), I fell in love with Mr. Jack Morris (thank you Beth Dale), I met the men on a mission of Alpha Prevail (thank you Katy Harper), and I take seriously any musical suggestion that Emily Ahalt sees fit for me.  If my life were twitter, #wordofmouth would always be trending.  So leads me to the next band, brought to my attention by Sarah Horn, via a “you write for a music magazine, I have a friend in a band” casual conversation.

The Heisman Hopefuls – Patrick Bayer- bass, Sam Festa- guitar, Tyler Reed- vocals and Tom Towner- drums are what a girl wants in a typical music tip – 3 vans in, self-reliant, road tested, and ready to rock and roll!  Their resume includes two videos and the Vans Warped Tour and over 100 solid shows and continuously counting.  You have a chance to check them out May 7th at Binghamton University in NY, June 11th at Velocity in NY, June 16th at The Montrose Movie Theatre in PA and June 26th at The Test Tube in New Jersey just to highlight a small snippet of their schedule.  With three television appearances already and a third album they are about to accost us with, The Heisman Hopefuls are certainly not trailing in the trophy race!

The Heisman Hopefuls

I am on twitter, barely, so send me the music that should be making my playlist with the hashtag #wordofmouth @strutter654!

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