Natalia Kills: We Want Her for Her Body, But Mostly for Her Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain!

In her song “Zombie” Natalia Kills asks, “Do you want me for my body, or do you want me for my brain, brain, brain, brain?” With a taste of Tarantino and a pinch of Edgar Allen Poe, Natalia brings something new to music besides her knack for knives. Before I even begin, though, let’s just get the Lady Gaga comparisons gone. Like the Lady, Natalia makes meaningful music with videos that are vastly filled with far more than frivolity. Like the Lady, Natalia isn’t just a singer, but a video visionary, a performance poet, she takes advantage of technology. Like the Lady, Natalia’s theatre-esque opening act antics do parallel the performances of Gaga when she was preceding the Pussycat Dolls onstage, but mostly, like the Lady, Natalia is on the edge of glory!

Hailing from England and after 4 years of successful stints in television, radio, and movies, Natalia Kills fluidly fits all her predominant passions into her debut album “Perfectionist,” which will be delivered on August 16th. Being that I’ve basically already bought into what she’s been screening and sneak-peeking and sampling, she’s already sold me. I was captivated by her “Love, Kills xx” webisodes way before I saw her onstage. Natalia is a premeditated professional, an attentive artist, a detailed doer.

Although her beats are catchy, her career is contemplative. Self-described as “axe-wielding- pop-music-with-an-opinion,” she will have you analyzing her artistry, reading between the lines of her lyrics, looking through all the layers. Her song “Mirrors” has been blaring through my speakers since I first heard it and was hooked, and that was many months ago. I’ve since also become addicted to “Zombie,” “Wonderland,” “Activate My Heart,” “Break You Hard,” and my fan-favorite “Love is a Suicide,” so it’s hard for me to grasp that the girl hasn’t even released her debut when she’s already assaulted us with an online series, shot and released three videos, and is currently opening for Robyn on a world-wide tour.

Natalia lives up to her girl-gang-like life live. It’s one thing to take up time tapping your foot and nicely nodding your head whilst passing the time until the headlining performer, but it’s worth bragging about when you’re standing, staring, singing along and berating yourself for blinking when you know you’re witnessing a soon-to-be superstar! Seeing Natalia isn’t just entertaining, she’s not just expressive, seeing Natalia Kills is an experience. With themes of sex and love, lipstick and lies, Natalia’s plot lines persevere and her performance portrayed more than what I paid for it. What she accomplished in her allotted forty minutes makes my mouth salivate for what her own pop show would produce.

There is much more to come from this music, movie and media maven. One thing I can count on – Natalia Kills is on the edge of glory and she’s about to make the leap to the luminary land of pop princess, only she’ll be opening the gates with a smoking gun instead of glitter, welcoming you to the dark side of singing and sitting on her throne with the lights off. She’s adept with an axe and even more murderous with her mind. She may reel you in with her body, but she’ll keep you with her brain!

2 thoughts on “Natalia Kills: We Want Her for Her Body, But Mostly for Her Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain!

  1. I went to a show where she was opening, but we missed her. (I think it might’ve been a Sounds show?). This is kind of cool though! I’m glad to finally nab a listen.

    1. Yeah, she gets a lot of comparisons to Gaga, and rightfully so – some of her cinematography looks the same, as well as her outfits, etc (they’re label-mates as well, so it may be on purpose), but she does bring something different – the dark side of pop music. I like her, although I know a lot of people don’t and won’t. The beauty of music- to each their own appeal!

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