Pearl and the Beard: Daily Recommended Dose

Music is always the best medicine. It heals hearts. It alleviates loneliness. It repairs us when we’ve been rejected and helps us recover. It counter-acts sadness and provides solace. Music is always the right remedy for whatever is wrong. Personally, when I watched Pearl and the Beard play, it was even the perfect pain reliever for the terror of wisdom teeth!

Faithful Sinners were the receptionists of the night at Thunderbird Cafe in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, welcoming the wonderful crowd to the show and sawing us with their sound – I have seen the Buckhannon Mountain Fools play a washtub, but the Faithful Sinners set produced sounds with a handsaw.  Fans were treated to not only good music, but the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game as well.  In between songs audience member’s heads all checked the score in consistent, choreographed concordance.Then came Pittsburgh’s own premier player, Brad Yoder, who nursed us through the night with a full-band set of significant songs.

Closing the enthralling evening were the  musical doctors, Pearl and The Beard.  Described as Folk/Pop/Gospel/Americana, there is really only one genre Jocelyn Mackenzie – vocals, percussion, glockenspiel, melodica,  Emily Hope Price- vocals, cello, accordion, and Jeremy Styles- vocals, guitar, percussion deserve to be described as, and that genre is “Immaculate Makers of Music.”  Before the show started I saw Jocelyn setting up the merch stand and said hi.  Just coming off tour with Ingrid Michaelson and fueling up for a few dates with Ani DiFranco, I longingly listened to her describe their differences and what they were like.  She took the time to chat about summer festivals, as they will be playing the Dot to Dot Festival in the U.K. , and I tweeted them a thank you for not making fun of my wisdom-teeth-swollen-jaw-induced lisp.

Their set was a melodic IV of musical medicine. Not since I saw Alexi Murdoch have I felt so soothed and eased by such a musical elixir.   My vital signs showed significant improvement seconds into their set.  They were enchanting and entertaining, friendly and funny, flawless from first song to finish.  Pearl and the Beard are currently on tour, and if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, a daily dose of Pearl and the Beard can assuage any ailment, mend any malady, harbor good health!

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