Vindiction: Ohio River Rock

The Ohio Valley is a maelstrom of music.  From multi-day festivals to weekend fairs to daily shows, there is always some music stirring.    There is a faithful flow of musicians that flood the Ohio Valley playing their particular persuasions. There’s a whirlwind of music always whipping around and Vindiction is a rock vortex.

Formed in Bridgeport, Ohio, Vindiction is a brand new rock band, in this line-up.  John Emerson-Vocals/Guitar, James Wable-Bass, and Farley Minor-Drums have all been in bands before, starting Vindiction just around 6 months ago. Although the name may be new, the fan-base is forming fast.  Their cd is selling out at their shows and assessment from audience members has been affirmative.  I got together with the guys after their show at Nicolozakes in Fairpoint, Ohio, which also feautured NvayN.

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