Carl Pesi: Prologue

Generations Restaurant and Pub is a place for food and fun.  Every Tuesday teams gather and barter with each other for bar trivia followed by open mic night.  Every Wednesday Jon Banco brings in a local musician to showcase on stage.  Last night, on a warm Wednesday evening, Carl Pesi performed an acoustic set to pleased patrons.

There are some things I can tell you about Carl Pesi. I’ve spent a few evenings finding out facts and paying attention at his performances. He is abundant with words and witty while he’s at it. Carl is quick with comebacks. He is hungry to have conversation and he’s not timid when he talks. With the stories he has to share, I like to listen. None of this, however, has to do with his most terrific talent: making music.

When I watch Carl play or listen to him unload his likes and loathes I can tell that he has conflicted convictions. He has a love/hate hankering for music. It’s not hard to see he finds solace in song and that he’s in touch with his inner turmoil. Carl feels stifled if he’s not in a city and this self-proclaimed (with the ability to back it up) “blues-cat” found his footing in Philly.

Carl opened for .38 Special with  SR 71. Chris Robinson  of The Black Crowes saw Carl singing on the street and gave him free tickets for his talent. These, though, are stories best told by him. Thus begins the musical memoir of one Carl Pesi, to be continued…

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