The Catch Blues Band: Ready for a Refill

Rescheduled once due to rain, the weekly Waterfront Wednesday turned into Free Music Friday!  Every Wednesday at the waterfront in Wheeling there is a free concert – a band with the Ohio River as a backdrop.  With the help of JP Morgan Chase Bank, Chesapeake Energy and the City of Wheeling, Heritage Port provides popular bands a place to play a complimentary concert for city patrons.  With the weather clearing enough for the festivities, The Catch Blues Band began their bidding.

Formed in 2006 by singer, songwriter and guitarist Michael Roeder, the band also boasts Kevin Brosh on keyboards, London Stadler on bass and John “J.D.” Daner on drums.  Their cds have brought the band international notoriety and  legendary Chicago bluesman Jimmy Warren  confirmed their capability when he claimed them on his label Elctro Glide Records.  Self-described as “blues with a splash of rum,” The Catch Blues Band  gave us a blues buzz, they got us waterfont wasted with their mind-altering music. I’m ready for a refill!

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