Friday Features

Friday brought with it the Italian Heritage Festival and a manifold of local music.  There were several shows to see and I managed to make my way to three of them before bedtime beckoned.  Too Cruel to be King had a cd release show at 1056 Lounge with special guest Touch Club.  Brett Cain and Jon Banco brought music to The Sports Bar at Undo’s in Elm Grove.  Members of The Other Tribe provided people with some banging beats by River City Ale Works. Inside River City I reunited with Sydney Hutchko.

I’ve conducted a couple interviews with Sydney, and I have so much more to say!  Although she’s been making news on the Nashville scene, Sydney made a summer stop and is playing in and around her home of Pittsburgh.  This time, at River City Ale Works, she brought her band –  Aaron Lagrone, Scott Whitley and Michael Lazzaro –  with her. Michael Hawk of Stack of Monkeys mixed the music and did the lighting for the stage show.  On the other side of the spectrum, I went from Sydney to SIN.

A hard rock band from Jefferson County, Ohio, SIN –  Cyndi Lancaster – Lead Vocals, James Lancaster – Bass and Backup Vocals, Jake Marker – Drums and Percussion and Nate Kepner – Lead Guitar and  Backup Vocals, like many others, are a fusion of fine musicians from other bands.   Playing with Stone Wicked Souls at Nicolozakes Cafe, both bands were  powerhouse performers.  SIN is a band to behold live.  Sadly I can’t show you because I sat right beside the speakers and the audio on my video was very poor, but they played “Puppeteer,” which I recorded and am still ranting about the amiss audio, but you can hear it here:


Finally I found myself at one of my favorites, Down on Main Street.  With live music Wedneday – Saturday, the Friday night treat was the Mark Gorby Trio. Mark and bassist Jason Treuman were accompanied by Chris Nacy on “blues harp” harmonica and Josh Garrett on drums.  Thus concludes my Friday night triple feature!

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