Fruitful Festival

The Music Fest to Benefit the Smithfield Apple Festival took place Saturday at Friendship Park.  The setting was serene as vendors set up stands and Ron Lavenski of Brimstone Sound was once again at the musical motherboard.  Starting the event, evading the evening rain, was Splash Panel.  Doug Richardson, Jeff Young and Allen Henry came through charismatically with covers and originals.  They joked and jumped around, exuding energy and enjoying the breeze as the lead-off band.

Frontroom followed them with a sundry selection of songs.  From Neil Young to Nirvana, Frontroom covered all the bases and served up some originals as well.  Tammy Chase, Wayde Chase, and Eric Holsinger not only had  harmonies, but a harmonica as well!  Every person sang a song and their set was superb.

Ending the evening, tempting all the audience to sing along, was SIN.  I’ve seen SIN several times and still I get anxious with anticipation before their show starts.  Cyndi Lancaster, James Lancaster, Nate Kepner, and Jake Marker make you covet what comes from the speakers, they make me greedy, guilty of SIN gluttony.  It would be morally wrong not to enjoy them.

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