Sophia Kayafas Captivates

There were a few shows on Friday night, but I only managed to make it to one.  What started off as just seeing Sophia Kayafas sing a few songs turned into me doing my ears a favor and staying for her entire set.  Kayafas captivates me like few can.  Her songs don’t just get stuck in my head, her voice gets stuck in my heart.

Illuminated by red lights at The Sports Bar at Undo’s, Sophia sang a combination of covers and originals. From the corner stage came her contemplative voice that is wise and wonderful. All-around artistically adept, Sophia is not only an award-winning painter, but started off on guitar, switched over to keyboard, and entertained everyone by harmonizing with herself and providing background beats via a loop pedal.  Her playing is proficient, intelligent and innovative.

Battling a barely-there voice, Sophia still sang for two hours.  She provided an eclectic mix of entertainment and was repeatedly reminded by a vocal fan how good she sounded.   I always attend to see live music but leave her shows not only singing her songs, but feeling fulfilled by her faculty.  Kayafas can put on a captivating show even when she’s the only one on the stage.

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