Chaos Killed: Gold Medal Guys

This week was packed with places to be: work, live and local music shows, the BluesFest, my couch to watch the Olympics. There’s always something to be seen and heard.  While I enjoyed the music that makes its way here one weekend a year, the musicians that make their rounds regularly, and cheering on the world, one particular thing was prominent:  Chaos Killed’s new EP, “Singularity.”  Russia’s fierce gymnast Aliya Mustafina was the golden girl who had my heart with her fire and fight, and Chaos Killed’s EP is gold medal music.

Influenced by bands like Chevelle and Tool and having shared the stage with national acts such as Trapt and 10 Years, Chaos Killed has persistently  proven that they are worthy winners.  They once again prevail with another piece of work. When duty calls, they deliver. With their latest EP they have once again solidified their status and conquered the competition.

Chaos Killed – Josh Jenkins – Vocals/Guitar, Cody Gaston – Guitar/Vocals, Anthony Rees – Bass/Vocals and Joshua Revels – Drums/Vocals come through when it counts and “Singularity” is an accolade to their ability with six triumphant tracks that salute and showcase their skill.  It is a prize-winning piece of work.  They emerged from the new music challenge as champions.  Chaos Killed can proudly stand atop the musical podium and  grasp their musical medal while their six all-new anthems  play.

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