Jason Treuman: All-Around Artist

Jason Treuman is a man that I’ve seen many times but haven’t had the pleasure of meeting.  The  Writer/Producer/Arranger/Bassist/Guitarist/Drummer/ Vocalist performs with an allotment of artists locally, including The Adrian Niles Band and Black Slaney.  He also has a long list of bands he’s been with, as an opening act and even sharing the stage, including The Allman Brothers Band, Derek Trucks, and the Jerry Garcia Band. In his 20 year time Mr. Treuman has recorded with Marty Stuart, Cowboy Troy and Reese Wynans to forage out a few.

As impressive as his accolades are, seeing him singing solo on a stage was also nice and notable.  Playing at Generations Restaurant and Pub, Jason had some fun fan interaction and he catered to their covers, but he put plenty of personal in them.  Accompanied by Jon Banco on saxophone, I sat in my seat, sad that I hadn’t seen Jason sooner.  I was mournful of the music of Jason Treuman I had been missing.  He is an all-around artist, a jack of all trades, master of all the angles of music.  Mr. Treuman is a musical equilateral triangle.

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