Music: The Universal Language

We all know the common quotes about music:  “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain,” said Bob Marley.  “Where words fail, music speaks,” – Hans Christian Anderson.  “Music is what feelings sound like,” “Music is the beating heart of the universe.”  “Music is the universal language of mankind,” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

I have flawlessly found all of these to be true.  Certain songs can heal my heart, mend my mind, adjust my attitude.  When I find it difficult to define what I want to say, when words won’t work or just don’t convey what I want to communicate, music speaks for me.   When I wonder “is this real life, is this just fantasy”- there’s a song for that.  “Would you know my name if I saw you in heaven?” – there’s a song for that.  If I want to know what teen spirit smells like, there’s a song for that. If I want to imagine, there’s a song for that. If I want to tell you about the way you make me feel, there’s a song for that.  If I want to get into the groove, take it easy, if a landslide brings me down – there’s a song for that.

Every once in a while I click on my site stats. It shows me how many people have visited my website every day.  It shows me how many people have seen specific posts.  It shows me how many clicks I’ve gotten from different countries.  I’ve been in awe of the world response to what I write since I started, but today I was inspired to finally put on paper (or type on a screen) how music really does make us all come together, how it bridges boundaries and language barriers and speaks a universal language. I have been to concerts where people came from many countries – flew many miles, crossed over more than one ocean, just to see a show.  Today is a thank you to everyone who takes the time – the time to make music, the time to listen to music, the time to support local shows, and the time to, although you may not know the bands or artist I write about and will probably never see one of their shows, the time to read an article that I wrote from halfway around the world.

To the people in these places that have taken the time to do that, thank you.  To pinpoint a few places – to my readers in the United Kingdom – I have had fun featuring many of your musical talents.  Being Buffalo is one of my favorite bands! To my readers in Italy – I start my Italian language class in a couple weeks and a trip to Italy is in store for next year, so please feel free to contact me so that we can communicate!  To my readers in the Russian Federation – I am attempting to acquaint myself with the Russian language and just learned the alphabet!  Aliya Mustafina is my favorite athlete! Please don’t be strangers and add me on social media sites or leave comments!  To my Australian mates, some of whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting – I adore you! To my Brazil readers – you are my favorite people to follow on Twitter and Tumblr! I could go on and on, but knowing that people from 70 different countries come to my site and click things consistently has filled me with enough emotion to, to, to…thank you the best way possible, via SONG!

Thank youThank YOU!


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