Stack Of Monkeys: Primate Perfection

I’ve never tried the six degrees of separation scenario, but I don’t doubt its deductions.  Every time I meet one musician they introduce me to five more.  That’s how I met Michael Hawk.  Ras Terry Logan of The Other Tribe, who I met through Keith Luzader who plays with Uncle Eddie and Robin, introduced me to Michael, who happened to be doing sound for Sydney Hutchko’s show, and who is also in a band called Stack of Monkeys.  It’s a successful cycle and it led me to new and noteworthy live music!

Stack of Monkeys – Michael, Mark Krupinski,  and Mike Ennis had three shows in two days this weekend, and I managed to make it to one.  Friday night at Down on Main Street  Stack of Monkeys willed everyone a wealth of songs.  The crowd craved their covers and they even pleased some patrons by playing the much-requested “Purple Rain.”  They were kinetic and kept the energy circulating as Michael and Mike shared the singing load in the songs.  Stack of Monkeys was as lively as they were lovely, as fun as they were friendly, and as engaging as they were enjoyable.  The three musical primates put on an impeccable performance!

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