Playing Percentages

I haven’t had a Math class in years, but I think I can still do percentages.  Friday night I saw Stack of Monkeys for the first time and Saturday night I followed that up by going to Goodfellas Bar and Grill for a three band blowout.  Two of the bands I sadly hadn’t seen before Saturday, and the third band, Splash Panel, is a local favorite of mine.  I may not be a Math mogul, but that means 3/4 of the music I made it to this weekend was new to my ears.  While the Ohio Valley offers many musical options, I saw a 75% increase in just two days!

Rundown was the beginning band and they rallied the crowd with covers.   They were very complimentary of being included and pleased to be playing with the other performers.  Rundown –  David Kerns  – Lead Vocals/ Rhythm Guitar, Roscoe Jones – Lead Guitar/Vocals, Troy Fulton – Bass, and Tommy Myers – Drums have only been together for a few months but are finding their schedule filling up.  They are getting better with each gig and working on original songs.

The icing in the musical cookie, the middle band, was We Must Save the Princess.  Self-described as “Happycore,” Scott Weber – Vocals/Guitar, Joey Albus – Vocals, Evan Oslund – Drums/Vocals, Scott Mumford – Bass, and Jacob McGinnis- Lead Guitar interweave a wide variety in their work.  They piece together pop, punk, and melodic medal in their music.  Among many things that Fall will bring with it is a full-length We Must Save the Princess album called “Calm Before the Storm.”  Representing the other 25 % of my fraction puzzle was Splash Panel, making my weekend a 100 % success!

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