The Semi-Supervillains Make a Musical Monster

With Halloween just around the corner evil witches wander, masks are being made, and costumes are coming together.  Brooms become magical, moons mean something more, and werewolves are waiting.  Ghosts and goblins galore, graveyards give you goosebumps, and it’s night before 9 P.M..  Along with all the candy collected and the spells cast, the Semi-Supervillains have their own Halloween havoc:  Teenage Screams!

The 5 song EP includes “Black Letter,” which is played on Pittsburgh’s 105.9 The X, 102.5 WDVE, Wheeling’s Eagle 107.5, and Carnegie Mellon University’s WRCT.  It created critical buzz from Kurt Retenauer of the Duquesne Duke and is used by the Pittsburgh Pirates.  Recorded and produced by Rick Witkowski at Studio L, the other four songs not only feature the four boys in the band – Vinnie Longhi – Guitar/Vocals, Ron Rekowski- Bass/vocals, Cory Caruso- Drums, and Forest Mance- Piano/Guitar, but also boast appearances by Sean Dempsey, John Pennacchio, Tony Marino, and Anthony Rankin. Teenage Screams! is a goodie bag of musical candy that you can’t help but crave.

The Semi-Supervillains weave a wondrous web of garage rock goodness.  The songs are slick and smooth yet deranged and distorted.  It can’t be categorized as it provides pop, beckons blues, and jives with jazz.  Not only does each song differ, but each song wanders within, keeping your ears eager and the songs from being stale.

To use baseball terminology, the Semi-Supervillain’s songs are like a curve ball – just when you think you know what’s coming it changes direction and messes with your mind. What emerges is a musical monster, as dangerous as dynamite ready to be diffused.  With Teenage Screams! the Semi-Supervillains open the door to their haunted house, each song a room with creaks, crooks, and crannies.  Although they’ve throw in a few tricks, Teenage Screams! is all treat!

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