Groovebox: Melting Pot Players

People often ask me where I get my gumption, what put the musical passion in me, how I got into this whole thing.  I suppose I could start with my name, as I’m often asked “why no ‘h’ at the end?”  According to Fleetwood Mac, “Sara, you’re the poet in my heart, never change, never stop,” and my mother agreed.  Based on my baby book, before I could even communicate or crawl, my favorite songs  were “If I Could Turn Back Time” and “Love Hurts.”

I grew up with Creedence playing at parties, The Steve Miller Band blaring, and you did not speak to me if Madonna was on! Although music put the spark in me it was people that made it personal and lit my love on fire.  I spent several summers across the street where Nina Sharp Hebb practiced with her band. A couple of my cousins make metal music and I went to my Senior Prom with J.B. Stalnaker.

To add to that lovely list, I also graduated with Groovebox’s own Bryan Channell. A four piece melting pot, Groovebox glues together four different directions of music, arriving at a diverse musical destination.  From South Lake Tahoe, CA Groovebox – Bryan Channell-Bass, Chris Paranzino-Guitar/Vocals, Jon Gardner-Drums, and Chad Laurence-Keyboards/Organ offer “four vantage points, thus creating a real time navigation unit.”   Groovebox is fluid, flowing from funk to bluegrass to rock and roll.

Groovebox doesn’t get lost or locked into genre – no matter where they’re going musically, one of them knows how to get there. They’ve shared the stage with  Melvin Seals and The Jerry Garcia Band, John Wayne and The Pain, Bass Science, Thrive, and Nominus to name a few.  Representing the “funky, improvisational dance scene,” if you’re going to put them into any kind of box, as their name suggests, it would wisely be a groove one.  Whether they’re feeling the funk, bringing the bluegrass beat, or cooking up any medley of music with their remarkable recipe, Groovebox goes where you want to be.

I grew up with great inspirations around me every day. I heard their bands in basements before they ever saw a stage.  I listened to Bryan play his guitar for just a few people, in a high school classroom, just for us.  Now he’s clear on a different coast, playing with prestige, in different cities and states. A lot of journeys began back then and we’re all still on the road, trying to figure out where we’re going.  One thing is for sure, though – if  Groovebox is in the driver’s seat, I want to be along for the ride!

Upcoming Shows:

10/20/12 Combat Paintball – Oorville, CA Splatter Fest 3 Day Music Campout

10/27/12 – 100 Placerville Dr – Placerville, CA Hangtown Halloween Ball 1

10/31/12 – American Legion – South Lake Tahoe, CA Halloween Extravaganza

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