The Space Between

There were so many fun shows on Friday night that  I didn’t get to showcase or see.  Besides this, I work two jobs – one during the week and one on the weekend, and on Friday they fuse and come clashing together, so I work during the day at one and nightshift at the other, leaving very little time for local talent.  Stack of Monkeys played at the Barnesville Pumpkin Festival and Vindiction, NvayN, and Soulbridge owned the night at Nicolozakes in Fairpoint, Ohio with some assistance from Brimstone Sound.  I got to see a couple songs in the space between, though.

In the space between where I live and where I work at night is a comfortable bar called Down on Main Street.  The crowd is casual and consistent and they keep the music coming.  With live music Tuesday – Saturday, it’s not hard to grasp why I go there so much.  Friday night featured Mark Gorby and Jason Treuman.    In the space between the bands they primarily play with – Mark with the Mark Gorby Trio and Jason with The Adrian Niles Band and Black Slaney – they made it a merry night for their friends and fans on Friday.

I followed that up with my night’s finale:  The Semi-Supervillains at The Rat at WJU.  I’m glad I got to see them as it’s hard to book them on a bill and for them to find places to play. With a sound that seems to be a musical minority, they fit into the space between metal and punk and pop – they’re a musical mash-up.  Vinnie took the time to talk post-show and promote their video.

The space between work and sleep is where I’m most satisfied, seeing live and local music.  The space between home and work, those bars are where I belong. The space between right here and out there isn’t as big as it seems.  The space between promoting their bands and helping the local scene is consistently closing and creating a musical community of comraderie, and I’m proud to do my part in that. See you at  a local show!

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