Maria Jordan: Fire Starter

The last time I talked to Maria she was promoting her debut album, “Landslide,” and taking advantage of touring.  “Landslide” launched her from United Kingdom local talent to a world-wide wonder, an international  inspiration.  She shared stages with The Script, Newton Faulkner, and James Morrison, all without the resources of a record label. A grassroots guru that got where she is by being true to her talent and taste, Maria’s new album is an assortment of country, folk, and blues.

In her new single, “Better Than Nothing,” which debuted at #4 on the Hot Disc Chart for new music in the U.K. and Ireland, is at # 1  in the International Hot Disc Chart, and is available on iTunes on November 19th, she sings, “You light the spark, I pour the gas on the floor.” With her latest album, “Debris,” Maria  doesn’t just pick up the pieces, but puts them in a pile and sets them aflame.  In the song “What You Gonna Do” she sings,  “Whatcha  gonna build when the walls come down?” Maria let her walls fall to the floor and what she built out of the debris is an upcoming album that is open and honest, strong and sturdy, in which the door doesn’t shut but is wide open for opportunity.  It will take her on another tour and find her new fans.

With a release date of early 2013, “Debris” is a successful second coming.  Jimmy Rae from Scope Mag called Maria “THE needle in the haystack.”  She is a songwriter that doesn’t just rhyme, but is real.  Her songs are stories – stories about success and sadness, new love and love lost, personal pain and political problems that some may find tough to talk about, but Maria doesn’t turn away from.

She has substance and doesn’t write about nothing and nonsense.  To  quote some sentences from one of her blog  entries, as I couldn’t provide a more perfect example:  “I love the recoding process as you get to grow your song from a simple idea to something wonderful. You bring it to life. I dug deep into my soul when writing this album and I believe honesty and integrity in song writing is what connects people to a song.”

In my last interview with Maria I called her a “Rebel with a cause.”  In her song “The Forgiving Kind” she concludes,  “Sorry’s just not good enough for me.  I just can’t give in that easily. I’d like to forgive you but I’m not that kind of girl…every little thing could be just fine, but I’m not the forgiving kind.”

From the U.K. to America and anywhere else this album takes her, you can find Maria flying “the British Alt Americana / Country Pop flag.” She did “Debris” her way, on her terms, and it is an uncompromising contribution.  “Landslide” started the fire and “Debris” is faithfully fueling it.  In a culture that can be easy come, easy go musically speaking, Maria sang, she stayed, and she’s succeeding.

“Better Than Nothing”

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