Friday Feature

Friday night a lot of music makers were mingling.  There were all sorts of shows to see.  There was one in particular, though, that placed as high priority:  Ginger Ackley.  I beamed from the back row at the UU Spirit of Life Coffeehouse as she and some others sang their songs.

As I walked in the very welcoming room I passed by the complimentary coffee and snacks.  Someone was even polite enough to make a pumpkin pie.  I sat in my seat just as Orland Carra was whistling his way to the end of his set.  Between two Bob Dylan songs he sang one of his own, “This Trouble.”

Taking the two spot was Dennis Moreau. Along with a guitar he also had a harmonica.  He built on the foundation that Orland started with a couple covers himself.  He did offer up some orignals too, including “Love on the Train.”

The hosts of the casual coffeehouse were Uncle Eddie and Robin. The UU Spirit of Life Coffeehouse convenes on the second Friday of each  month from 7 – 9.  Having met Ginger at one of the many music festivals they play, Wisteria, they had a hankering that they had to get more gigs with the lovely lark.  Uncle Eddie and Robin started with the song “Cecelia” by Simon and Garfunkel and got Ginger to join them for “The Ballad of Tom Harper.”

Ginger then got to showcase her songwriting and singing skills as well as her ability on the autoharp.  She entertained everyone with some of her own songs and she sang some traditional tracks. She started off with “It Is Time,” which is a treat to hear at any time, in any way, but a song that was enlightening to hear live.  She made everyone laugh with the lighthearted lyrics of “Twiddle,” which cut off during recording, so it is captured in two parts.  She also gave us “Gaia’s Lament,” and much more music before the evening ended.

Next month’s coffeehouse will feature Cincinnatti based Afro-beat artist Baoku Moses.

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