Night of the Living Dead

You have to make sacrifices on Saturdays sometimes.  You can find yourself conflicted cause some of your friends want to see live and local music and others want to dance to a DJ.  With Halloween fast approaching there are even more places and parties to pick from.  You could draw straws to see who gets the short stick, flip a coin for a conclusion, see who can stare the longest without blinking, or you could just go to the Lewis-Wetzel Family Center on Saturday for Night of the Living Dead to see the nexus of the dj/live music knot.

Featuring four DJs and three bands, it’s one event in which you don’t have to decide what to do.  It’s a simple concept:  come coronated in costume and enjoy the evening! With over 15,000 watts of power being  produced, the place is prime for performances and plenty of poltergeist.  DJs to dance to are Southpaw, BlazeWright, DJ Funsize, and Onetime.  Bands bringing the banshee are The Get Down, The Rusty Haywhackers, and Return of the Horse.

The ghosts, ghouls and goblins, zombies and I’m sure – sexy nurses – will gather at 6 P.M. Pre-sale purchases are $17.50 or you delayed demons can get them at the door for $22.50.  Climb out of your coffins, dig up your dance moves, and mingle with other monsters at Night of the Living Dead.  Get ready to be resurrected!

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