Upcoming Music Forecast

As always, there is a maelstrom of music heading our way.  The radar shows that it will be raining really good music for the next few days.  We will see some stagnancy during the day but each night offers something new.  Let’s take a look at our future forecast.

We should start preparing for precipitation Tuesday,  as Generations Restaurant and Pub puts on open mic night.  Wednesday and Thursday the wind direction shifts north as the jet stream heads to Down on Main Street’s jam nights.  Expect even more thunder on Thursday, as the 1056 Lounge and Goodfellas Bar and Grille get some gusts with their open mic nights as well.  Friday the fog will be lifted when Stack of Monkeys hit the stage at Nicolozakes Cafe and the Uncle Eddie and Robin Band do it up at Down on Main with Greg Pawlack, Matt Penhos on bass, and Keith Luzader on percussion.

On Saturday, November 3rd The Saturday Night Pickers Society starts at 7 at Grindhouse Coffee and Tea Co.  Also showering us Saturday is Vanilla Sounded Chocolate.  You can see their live lightning at the Mingo American Legion at 9 P.M.  The storm will rage on as River City and Perpetual Harmony Records presents KR-3 and Return of the Horse.

This psychedelic system will be something to see.  Kr-3 will be showcasing songs from their fresh album, “Fractures and Sparks.” They will put a break in the bad weather with their brand new songs.  The blues-based rock and roll band Return of the Horse will heighten the heat index and keep the storm circulating.

Looking forward to next week’s weather, we will be keeping it consistent.  Baoku Moses will be bringing beats at the UU Spirit of Life Coffeehouse on November 9th.  Saturday is sardined with shows, as always.  There’s a Party at the 1056 featuring Splash Panel, Resistance 13, Go Home Rocketmen, and The Jumpin’ Baldheaded Jesus’.  Also, Stepdown, Sinister Cain, and Resistance 13 will be playing at Rock-N-Rescue 2 at River City for the Belmont County Animal Rescue League.  Last but not least, don’t miss Return of the Horse with Lez Zeppelin at the Altar Bar. This month we may fall behind when it comes to our clocks, but stay ahead and support local shows when it comes to music!

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