Johnny Neon: Cooking Up Classic Rock

I’m a classic rock carnivore.  I eat it up.  I hunger for it.  It’s the kind of music that appeases my appetite.  I’d like The Beatles for breakfast,  Led Zeppelin for lunch, The Doors for dinner, and if I was still hungry I’d snack on some Stones and fill myself up with Fleetwood Mac.

It seems that when I want to hear something that sounds like Creedence I have to catch a cover band.  I have to see people pay tribute to Pink Floyd.  Sometimes what I want to see is someone with a similar sound but some new songs.  I know, it’s a fine line to tow.  It’s a minimal measure between “inspired by” and “copy cat,” but there is a lot of different candy out there that contains chocolate and caramel – same ingredients, different flavor.  Johnny Neon may know the recipe, but he doesn’t taste the same.

Johnny Neon cooks like the kings of classic rock.  His music marinates, and at his show he doesn’t just sing, he sizzles.   He sounds like the 60’s, yet set in today’s times.  His cd, “American Dream Part I,” is more than music – it’s a “rock opera” that he flavors with theatrics.

Johnny doesn’t just sing about freedom, but provides fireworks, livens it up with a laser show.  He is a nod to the past but he ties in today’s technology. He provides music that is patriotic, based on the principles of positivity and prevailing over problems and the title track, “American Dream,” was downloaded more than  1,000,000 times a month. He is an endowment to “each and every person who has a dream, in every city of this world.”

Inspiring with a message of indivisibility, singing songs about solidarity, Johnny thinks and therefor creates in terms of the planet and it’s people.   He will be recording the entire album in French for his world-wide fans, and then continue to complete part II.  The global release date of his album is December 15, 2012 and he is galloping to his goal of going on 35 city tours in the USA and Canada, Europe, and Asia.  Johnny Neon is like my favorite food, just on a more modern menu, but he’s exactly what I ordered!

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