End of the World Entertainment

In case you’re not all up in arms over Armageddon, you’re already preparing for the post-apocalyptic parties. I know I bought tickets to see Fleetwood Mac all the way in April, if that tells you anything about my anticipations.  Some people can’t even remember where they parked their car when they leave the bar, so I hope they have detailed directions to where they dug their bunker. If you’re not afraid of cataclysm and catastrophe, you can see Carl Pesi play at the Wild Wild West on Friday.  You can be brave and make it to see The Muddle in McMechen at Jerry’s Home of the Bar Fly, as long as you leave by midnight.

There is no better place to be during destruction than Down on Main Street with Adrian Niles.   You can end existence with  Stack of Monkeys at Quaker Steak and Lube.  In case of downfall, drink to the rest of the days in December with New American Groove at Ruttenbuck’s Bar & Grill’s “End of The World/Ugly Sweater/ Christmas Party,” so you can “go out in style.”  Finally, you can bid farewell at Goodfellas Bar and Grill with Splash Panel, Jeremy Littell, and two other bands that just sound appropriate for an apocalypse – Another Burning Hillside and Rescue the Dead.

On Saturday  see the world with new eyes, have a new sense of hope, realize that life isn’t that long, and do some things you’ve never done.  I hope one of those includes being at the Black Sheep Vineyard to see Black Slaney.  Perhaps the next line on your bucket list is Playback, who are performing at Down on Main Street. Make some musical memories, wherever you wake up this weekend!

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