2012 In Review

What a year it was for local music!  I published 60 articles last year and  almost 7,000 people took a peek at my page!  My most viewed article was Rock Out With Ya Knockout, a piece I put together about my favorite female wrestlers, which captured the most clicks because Mickie James, Velvet Sky, and Tara kindly shared it on their social media sites.  Following fiercely rounding out the top five was What Great Fangs:  Band With a Bite, Resistance 13:  Musical Intervention, Black Slaney:  Bringing Irish Back, and Kellie Lynne:  Star Light, Star Bright, so local music made a lasting impression!

The most searched for song-maker on my site was Alexi Murdoch, which doesn’t surprise me.  If his music impacts you half as much as it does me then I know you’re not only reading reviews but seeing his shows, singing along to his songs, and ultimately being understood.  Local lady Sydney Hutchko took the number two spot in the search section, and I’ve had the satisfaction of seeing her several times, talking to her twice, and promoting her with pride!  Rounding out the search results were Sophia Kayafas, some of my favorite rock and roll darlings, The Donnas, and Vanilla Sounded Chocolate.

People from 81 different countries came to see the content and they found me from the usual forums – topping the list is Facebook and Twitter, but local promotion played a big part.  Just as I try my best to show the local scene, so the local scene also supports me.  A lot of people came via clicks from Ohio Valley Live Music, and I can’t say thank you enough to David for doing what he does.  My other big backer and band that sent people to my page was Black Slaney, who I can’t compliment enough, on and off the stage!

2012 offered a lot of options.  There was music made to see – stage shows and theatrics and costumes and creative concepts, and then artists like Adelle reminded us, when she was asked about her weight, that she doesn’t “make music for eyes.  I make music for ears.”  Luckily for us we have lots of local musicians to both see and hear daily!  Here’s to hopefully 60 plus posts in 2013!  Have a happy New Year!

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