Friday Night Fun Show


Being that I’ve covered local music closely and consistently, I’m always baffled by all the bands I still haven’t been to see. The music makers are many and their shows sometimes overlap, but it gives me a lot to look forward to. Every weekend is worthwhile and bands are booked in almost every entertainment place they can play. It makes me sad to say this, but I just can’t bar crawl like I could in college, so I miss out on a lot of music. Luckily, the 1056 Lounge featured a 3 band fanfare Friday night.

Kicking off the caravan was Doug Richardson of Splash Panel. Although he usually plays punk, his acoustic act gets an audience, too. You’ll notice that we were having too good of a time and the technology got tipped over and then put back in an upside down position, so for five minutes near the end of his entertainment you will behold a black screen and a disoriented Doug. Playing original fan favorites and a couple covers, his whole set can be seen below.

All Over the Place kept the action and artistry astir.  An Indie Ska band from Berea, OH, they not only entertained, but energized the crowd, even doing a dance off that you can see during the 18 minute mark.  Wes Meadows- Vocals/Guitar/Trumpet, Tommy White-Trumpet/Xylophone, Sean Lincoln – Trumpet, Dan Pickler-Guitar/Synth/Backup Vocals, Andy Ondrejech – Bass/Sax, Jesse Lowers – Drum/Synth/Vocals, Emmet McGrath – Trombone, and Kellen Bearden – Bass, Drums, Backup Vocals played the last show of their winter tour, which saw them sharing their music all over the south.  After a couple months of relaxation and recuperating they’ll be ready for the road again taking on another tour and making more music in March. Below you can see their 30 minute set.

The finale came from Black Action Cop.  Not only were they playing music, but they were giving it away for free.  A lot of the audience scooped up a cd that they were sharing during their set.  Daniel Auten – Trumpet/Vocals, Andy Kinnick – Trumpet/Trombone, Andrew Mull – Guitar/Vocals, Greg Mulley – Bass, Chad Rothermund – Drums, and Joey West – Vocals/Saxophone feted fans for over forty minutes.  This was the first ska show I’ve seen locally, and they cemented themselves on my setlist.

Although I checked two more bands off my local music list, there are still so many more to see.  There are a lot of local shows coming up that I hope to cover.  Just next Saturday you can see shows such as the Heroes and Angels Benefit Concert,  featuring a bounty of local bands – Brett Cain, Iron Skillet, Infinitely Distant with special guest Pat Heiserman, FrontRoom, We Must Save the Princess, and Descendsion. You can also attend an evening with Concrete Teepee and Sun Hound, Stack of Monkey’s first show of the new year, or rock with the Rusty Haywhackers.

Someone once told me while standardized test taking, the most common answer is C.  My middle school Mathletes teacher once told me (yes, I was a member of the Mathletes.  We had t-shirts that said Divide and Conquer!) that if I didn’t know the answer just put 1.  It comes as no coincidence that my teachers taught me to C1, and that’s exactly what I want you to do as it applies to local shows – go see one!  Support the scene!  From everybody at the Friday Fun Show, we hope you had a Happy Skaliday!

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