Dirty Ice: College to Career

I learned a lot in college, in and out of the classroom.  I liked my four year foray into further finding myself and being surrounded by peers who loved learning and also had ambition and were just as confused about their careers.  I excelled only with the help of some exemplary educators:  Mrs. McKinney who told me I’d be the next Emily Dickinson, Dr. Saunders who told me  that I would be president someday and motivated me by threatening to drown  baby kittens if I didn’t come to class.  I surely wouldn’t be sitting here if not for my sorority sisters who saw something in me, pulled it out, praised it, and promoted me to Vice President so I could put it to profession.

I suppose sometimes when you are surrounded by greatness you tend to take it for granted.  Every day I was educated by the best, competing with the brightest.  Every day I was surrounded by top talent.  Every day someone accomplished something and soon it wasn’t so special – I went to college with a girl who was asked to audition for Glee, with people who do work for Disney, with people who are working to solve our planet’s problems and people who are committed to their communities. I went to college with lots of boys in bands, one of which – Connor McCauley, is in a band called Dirty Ice.

Connor and I met while working at the local youth center.  He helped with after-school, I took on the task of the tutoring program.  After a brief stint in guitar lessons that I just didn’t have the patience to practice, Connor sat down with me to show me how to play piano – he made it both abstract and applicable, both bringing in books and being a brilliant instructor.  I’m not surprised to see he still has the sound that speaks to me.

Now living and playing in Bradenton, FL, Dirty Ice consists of Connor on Vocals, Piano, Guitar, Melodica, and “General Badass-ery,” and Jamie Zimmerman on Vocals, Ukulele, Guitar and “Sorcery.” The band began “over an intense game of ping pong,” and combined with Connor’s sound, Jamie’s “Simon-esque songwriting” is an ace.  They can kill you with quirk before backhanding you with a blend of Blues, R & B, and “whatever else we feel like.”  Seeking to “broaden horizons and blow minds,” they are a team that can play more than ping pong, so no matter how dirty the ice, I’d still fill that cup full because their talent tastes so good!

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