The Muddle: Happy Haze

Coffeehouses are my favorite functions.  They’re intimate and intelligent, usually in a small space where you have to sit beside strangers and converse with unknown company.  You may also build new relationships since you’re all there for the same reason.  Yes, there’s also the coffee and cocoa, tea and table food, and what brought us all together to shake hands and share stories and sing along  – the music of The Muddle.

Before the band played their set several singers took to the stage for the open mic event of the evening.  Orland Carra came first and played a cover of Bob Dylan’s “Mississippi” among other things.  Following him was the music of Monkey Business and  Guy Shelley who invoked some incredible instrumentation.   Billy Litman and Will Taylor both showcased some original songs before bringing on The Muddle.

From Martins Ferry, Ohio, The Muddle is anything but a mix up or a mess as their name ironically implies.  Cathy Mowder – Rhythm Guitar / Vocals, Kevin Schlick – Lead Guitar – / Vocals, London Stadler – Bass / Vocals, Kevin Brosch / Percussion, Craig Bozick / Percussion, and Matt Uhlly – Drums offer order and options when it comes to their covers.  Performing pieces that have some sort of sentiment, they sing songs with substance and  accomplish a lot with their acoustic rock. The Muddle may be mixed up, but not musically.

The tea was tasty, the cookies were incredible, and the company was creative and commendable.  Between The Muddle and all the open mic music makers, I heard everything from Tracy Chapman to the Dixie Chicks. I sang along to Cyndi and Stevie songs and got emotional listening to all the lyrics. Balancing out the seriousness of their songs with their playful personalities, The Muddle clear up any confusion and they certainly succeed when it comes to their covers. You can see them for yourself Friday Jan. 18th at Undo`s Sports Bar in Elm Grove from 9-12 and
Saturday Jan. 19th at Down On Main Street from 9-1. The Muddle put me in a happy haze – when it comes to coffeehouses and music-makers, The Muddle is my cup of tea!

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