Psychedelic Saturday


The weather we’re having has been tricky and trippy and serving up sickness.  One second it’s 60 and then the snow starts.  It makes me feel like I’m having hallucinations, like I’m in a kaleidoscopic cloud.  My head isn’t hot, but I do have a fever – a fever for some mind-bending music (and , always, more cowbell)!

Self-described as “Appalachian Psychedelia,” KR-3 keep coming up in conversation.  Playing on Perpetual Harmony Records, they’re getting it done in the studio and on the stage, adding new artists since the last time I saw them.  Along with  Tim Boyd on guitar and vocals and Travis Hoard on keys/sax/vocals, KR-3 has captured Steve Fullerton formerly of Triadelphia on drums and Shane Lundy and Ian Varlas, formerly of Return of the Horse, on guitar, vocals, and bass.  You can see some local shows before their tour is takes them out of town, to Philadelphia, New York, and Chicago.

Tonight, January 26th,  KR-3 and Brown Bear’s Revival will be at Ski’s Bar in Weirton for some “mind-expanding music.”  February 8th catch KR-3 at River City where the sounds you’re set to hear at the show have been described as “Kurt Cobain if he were lost at a Phish show.”  Also appearing will be  The End Men –  “the love child of Tom Waits and The White Stripes,”  and the instrumental trio The Moho Collective.  On February 17th KR-3 will be collaborating with Tim Reynolds of the Dave Matthews Band and their album, “Fractures and Sparks,” is set to be released soon.

Some other shows to see tonight include Dylan Kesner, Down They Fall, Dash City Skyline, and We Must Save The Princess at the 1056 Lounge, Trippin’ the Riff at Down on Main Street, The Muddle at Jerry`s Home Of The Bar Flys,  The Rusty Haywhackers at McGrogan’s Taproom,   and tomorrow it’s An Afternoon with Frontroom at The Loose Goose.  If you want to get away from the weather then take a trip with KR-3. With their on stage experimentation, they elicit some vivid visions.   When it comes to KR-3, it’s not just a psychedelic Saturday, it’s a psychedelic season, and hopefully summer and spring!

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