Loud, Loud Love


Love is in the air.  I can’t escape the Valentine’s Day commercials.  All I see at the store is countless displays of candy.  I’m always amazed at how many things we can make into hearts.  Just yesterday I contemplated creating heart-shaped fruit kabobs for a multidisciplinary meeting. Since we’re on the subject, though, do you know what I love?  I love Stone Wicked Souls.  When it comes to Valentine’s Day, my love is HateDriven.

This weekend local musicians are showing this city some love.  You can see several shows and a mixture of music.  On Thursday Uncle Eddie and Robin will be entertaining everyone at the Holy Grounds Cafe.  At Artworks Around Town the Third Friday band will be Cabin Fever. On Friday at Down on Main Street you will find Frequency.  Hit Play will be at The Market Vines and The Chrisagis Brothers will be rocking River City. Also Friday night at Nicolozakes Cafe there is a three band blowout featuring Spiralines, Stone Wicked Souls, and HateDriven.

HateDriven is an “aggressive metal act” that is heavy and hardcore.  Showcasing “speedy changes laced with pain,” they are a beautiful bouquet blend for any hardcore heart.  Representing Deaths Door Studios, Kurtis B – Drums, Bug – Guitar, Tango – Vocals, Seth Hubbard – Bass, and Dusty – Guitar are interested in “domination.”  Finalizing their upcoming EP, “Pain = Progress,” HateDriven is a perfect post-Valentine’s Day pittance.

Saturday there are even more shows to see.  Music will be made at all hours.    S.I.N. will be at the Kickback Cafe with a full four hour set, DB Rocker will be live at the Buzz Inn, Hit Play will be performing at Generations Restaurant and Pub, The M-80’s will be at River City, The Muddle will be at Flanagan’s and there will be seven different sets to see at the Bethany College Show.  On Sunday KR-3 will be playing with Tim Reynolds of the Dave Matthews Band.

Let your love be loud, not only this week, but every day.  After all the hearts we see and buy and give as gifts, I want us all to remember our own hearts and to be sure to show them.  Too often I feel like we are all Tin Men who should go see the wizard of Oz. The Wizard tells the Tin Man, As for you, my galvanized friend, you want a heart. You don’t know how lucky you are not to have one. Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable.”  The Tin Man rebuts,But I still want one,” and later laments, “I know I have a heart, because it’s breaking.”  Don’t break my heart.  Go see some local shows!

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