March Metal Madness


Sometimes you have to listen whether you like it or not. You have to hear what someone says even if you don’t heed it. You have to read the rules regardless of whether you always agree with them. Sometimes you have to acknowledge advice, carefully consider it, and then dutifully disobey and do what you want anyway, like when your landlord says, “Absolutely no dogs,” and you go out and get a puppy anyway. His name is Bo. He’s beautiful. When it comes to the band Disobey, they like it when you listen!

The Black Metal boys of Disobey have been making music since 2007.  With redefining riffs and whiplash speed, they slaughter with their sound and punish when they play.  They are  recording their first full length album, Black Sonic Magic, set for  early spring. Joined by bands Baal and Horse Drawn Death Machine, Disobey – Rev. Matthias Churchburner – Vocals, Poof – Guitar / Back-up Vocals, Plague – Guitar, Miss Scarlet Sacrilege – Bass, and Seth – Drums will be at Nicolozakes Cafe for a show on Friday, March 1st.

More Friday fun will be the H.U.G ‘Crush On You’ video shoot and after party at the Steel Mill Bar and Grill.  The shoot starts at 7, doors open at 10.  Don’t miss DJs and dancing, models and music-making.  For other live and local music, check out Ohio Vally Live Music for city schedules.  Even when you have to get up early for work, don’t forget to disobey those pesky precepts and go see a show anyway!

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