Monsters Like Me

I’m just going to go ahead and admit to all that I’m afraid of the dark.  And mirrors.  Mirrors in the dark make me feel so fragile that I will curl up in the fetal position because I just know I will see something scary.  Your own reflection might ravage you, some crazy thing will come crawling out.  When it comes to horror movie villains, Freddie is my favorite.  He comes in your dreams, you guys! Do not tell me he’s not real or that that can’t happen.  When it comes to March, though, my favorite monster is On The Run.

“They don’t have a name for monsters like me,” they sing in the song ‘Monsters Like Me.’  After two EPs – “Keep Me Here,” and “Departures” – On the Run shared a new song just a couple months ago.  If  “In Flames” is any indication,  their new work will be on fire.  On the Run – John Ross Green – Vocals/Guitar, Ryan Weaver – Guitar/Vocals, Paul Johnson – Guitar, Tyler Miller – Bass, and Brian Fisher – Drums, have shared  stages with The Ataris and Punchline, and Friday night you can find them at the American Legion Show in St. Clairsville, Ohio with D.J. Tirpak, Draw StravisAllEndsWell, Down They Fall, Go Home Rocketmen, and Mace Ballard, starting at 6 P.M.

Friday you can also find Will Taylor at the UU Spirit of Life Coffeehouse, Arcane Haven, and Rescue the Dead  at 1056 Lounge, The Get Down at JT’s, The Rusty Haywhackers at Hard Rock Rising 2013, and Soul Groove Orchestra live at Nicolozakes.  Saturday you can see the Bill Patterson Band Bash featuring Spiralines, Stack of Monkeys, Old Buddy Jack, and Bad Boy Boogie, Lucky Harms live roller derby at the James E. Carnes Center, and the 3rd Annual Dot Fest at Generations, with Taylor Porter, Zach Paxson, Ryan Ritchea, and Matt VanFossen.  There is even a show on Sunday – Dan Stewart/Acoustic Stew at the Loose Goose.  So come out and dance in the dark, sing along with strangers, support local artists, and make yourself a musical monster this weekend!

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