Maasak Tagarook: Difficult to Define

Last year 25 new words were added to the dictionary.  That doesn’t mean these words didn’t exist before, but they are decided upon for the dictionary based on frequency of use and how they are used in their natural niches.  The descriptions of words in the dictionary are basically their biography.  A few of my favorites that were added are f-bomb, mash-up, and sexting.

Sometimes we get musicians who make their way through on tour, like The End Men, who stopped by  the city to sing a few songs.  Sometimes Sir Elton John plays to a packed house.  The Allman Brothers  recently came to the Capitol Theatre, but mostly the musicians here are local and play live for us every weekend.  However, we have a new name on the local music scene, someone who sounds so natural, whose name is going to be used far more than frequent, someone so hard to define – Maasak Tagarook.

Maasak came to the UU Spirit of Life Coffeehouse, hosted by Uncle Eddie and Robin,  in jeans and a cap, grinning with his guitar.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it definitely wasn’t what he delivered.  Just to try to get a grasp on what we got to hear from Maasak, someone tried to sum it up by saying he is “a cross between Robby Parsons, Mike Roeder, and Brett Cain.” This year, Maasak is a new word that will definitely be defined in Wheeling’s musical dictionary.  If it were up to me, it would look something like this:

Maasak Tagarook [maa-sak tag-a-rook] noun 1.) Awesome.

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