Community Constellations

Monday is Earth Day.  Personally, I think we should do something for the world every weekend.  We should always protect our planet and give back to the galaxy. Whether you’ll be picking up trash or planting trees, ridding a river of rubble or recycling, navigating through nature and nurturing its needs, I really encourage you to give a little effort to the earth and also plant a new seed this spring – supporting local shows!

Keeping on keel with the natural theme, some animals have been out and about.  I saw Stack of Monkeys on Saturday at Cheers Bar in Moundsville.  Always entertaining and energetic both on and off the stage, Michael Hawk – Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica , Mark Krupinski – Drums, Percussion, Sounds, and Mike Ennis – Bass, Vocals, playfully performed both old and current covers and joked jovially in between songs.  You can see Stack of Monkeys at their next show on April 27th at Wheeling Jesuit University from 1 – 4 P.M.

Another band you can always hear howling is What Great Fangs.  After winning the 2011 Altar Bar Battle of the Bands, these wolves have their sights set on  a Warped Tour slot. You can vote for them here and also hear their newest teaser, “Howl Yeah.” What Great Fangs – Creighton Hill – vocals, John-Mark King – guitars, Johnathon Porter – guitars, Rob Kettlewell – bass, and Sean Calangelo – drums are pulling the pack together for their EP release party Friday at 1056 Lounge.

It’s also 3rd Friday, which means there will be music at the artist’s market.  Performing this month are the very proactive Uncle Eddie and Robin. Taking the stage not just as artists, but many times also as activists, it’s possible they’ll perform some earth-friendly folk and be a local Lorax.  The show starts at 7:30 and is free for all.

On Saturday, Chi Omega is putting on a show as a social service.  They’re offering an opportunity to make a charitable change.  Their Make-A-Wish Benefit Concert starts at River City at 7 and features music from Down They Fall, We Must Save the Princess, Chaos Killed, and Neverwake. All money made goes to the Make-A Wish Foundation.

Whether you’re being merry with the monkeys, a part of the pack with What Great Fangs, prefer Plunk Rock with Uncle Eddie and Robin, or want to contribute to a good cause with Chi Omega, start growing your goodwill now. Get involved! Make an influence on the earth and be entertained all in an evening! The Lorax said, “UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, it’s not.”  Big time bands began at a local level, so this Earth Day go see your community constellations, your local stars – both on the stage and in the sky!

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