Being Buffalo: Fanning the Flame


Last time I talked about the London lads and lady in Being Buffalo I had several things to say about the folk/pop music-makers, all positive and pristine. I said they – Thom George, Matt Child, Emily Lambros, Pat Knight, John Budding, and Pete Snowdon – were like sunshine, their music was a mood-changer, they made me feel like I just hit the jackpot. Little did I know that they were just fanning the flame. With their new EP, Start the Fire, released on March 21st, they’ve gathered good songs and kindled something that has combusted – all the way to number 12 on the singer/songwriter charts!

The tinder takes off with “Feels Like Home,” setting the foundation for the fibrous EP. “Wake Me Up” really heats up the house, oxidating on with “Anselm.” My favorite part of the pyre is the final track that really sets it all aflame, “I Will Hold You.” With lyrics like, “I needed different things and you offered none of these, but I’d never do you wrong,” I flock to Being Buffalo’s flame.

The song sears on, “So cut me down, entwined with your heart your soul and mind. I went with what felt true and it doesn’t look like you, but I’d never do you wrong.” Not just personally, but professionally I think Being Buffalo could do no wrong. They’ve already ignited, and this EP of embers warms me with their cinder-like songs, comforts me with their coals. Being Buffalo are entertainers that won’t be extinguished.  Burn, Buffalo, burn!

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