Sarah LaMantia: Fan Favorite


The first part to pique my participation about Sarah LaMantia was how happy her fans were to help spread the scoop about Sarah’s singing.  Someone suggested that I put her on the Soundcheck schedule, so I wrote her name down but had a few other artists ahead of her.  That same week another person put it in my ear that Sarah LaMantia would be a proper person to promote. I promptly and rapidly researched and what I found was that Sarah Lamantia was far beyond being just famous in the  small West Virginia town of Weirton.

Sarah was a toddler talent and started singing, dancing, and playing piano at the tender age of two.  As a teenager Sarah sang and was signed to Warner Bros. Records in a girl group called Trace.  Despite the group being dropped, Sarah didn’t default on her dreams.  She took the stage on Maury Povich’s “Undiscovered Idol” show as a solo singer.

Sarah showcases over 145 videos on her YouTube channel of songs that she converted to be covered on piano, which she plays by ear.  “Every few months I try to teach myself the guitar…but I’m unimpressed with myself that I’m not an instant Clapton.” Some of the songs she supplies are surprising, such as “Whatcha Say” by Jason DeRulo,  which she revises to be played on piano perfectly.  She also covers songs I’d suspect to see like Taylor Swift, sings a swell cover of “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5,  and even does a dashing cover of my personal favorite, “Adia” by Sarah McLachlan.

Sarah also sings the John Mayer song “Say” with Alyssa Bernal, who was discovered by Pharrell Williams on YouTube. However, Sarah isn’t just a cover queen – she has songs that are just as original as she is.  She features four demos, all of which are wonderful, and her song “I Know” has been stuck in my head since I heard it.  Sarah LaMantia has a favorable future, and her faithful fans aren’t hesitant to tell you so!

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