Turtle Island: Takeoff


Rockets are partly a paradox. They go forward by exhaling  their exhaust backward.  They’re engaged with energy, being shot off into space by chemical components that are powerful enough to produce lift off.  The countdown to ignition is entertaining and exciting, knowing that in ten seconds the rocket will blast off beyond the sky.  Turtle Island has a new rocket in mind, with a daring new destination.

Turtle Island  began in a basement with nothing but “a notebook full of half-songs and scribbled lyrics.” With a myriad of members and churning through name changes, the band’s newly-decided name is nostalgic.  Turtle Island is a personal place that they’ve partook in, not far from the house where their music was made.  From Powell, Ohio, the current line-up (Dallin Stevenson-Guitar/Vocals, Ben Fritz-Bass, Sean Gleeson-Guitar/Vocals, and Nick Gerden- Drums) has the correct components to catapult their new album into the atmosphere.

Firing up from Flowerpot Records, Turtle Island is ready for take-off.  With the destination being “directly to your ear holes,” the album is a nine song rocket ride.  “Twelve Togethers of Love Rockets” is self-described as “psychedelic/indie/experimental/blues/alternative.” It launches with “Love Rockets,” gains more momentum with the second and third songs, soars through the sky with the fourth – sixth songs, and takes out its target in songs seven, eight and nine.

Obviously a mix of music, Turtle Island is both old and new.  Like a rocket, they’re moving forward by expelling backward.  With a sound similar to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, they’ve taken it to new territory, Turtle Island territory. Take off to their new album begins in 12 days as “Twelve Togethers and Love Rockets” launches on May 30th with an album release show at Circus Columbus Bar with Graves, All Over the Place, and Gelatinus Cube.

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