QueenEarth: Triple Threat


I think I started playing basketball in 4th grade.  I’ve always been pretty petite, short and smart, so point guard was my predisposed position.  Although I made some  All-Tournament Teams and won the 3-Point shooting competition, it was all built on the basic skills that I found in 4th grade.  One of the first things our coach contributed was the importance of the triple threat – that was the basis of my basketball career and  where it all began.  When it comes to QueenEarth, I come to the same conclusion – formed on the foundation of a triple threat, she has practiced her position and become a musical all-star, a champion.

The last time I talked to QueenEarth she had  put out a solo EP and was working on her future full-length debut.  Well, the future is here and she is sharing some singles before the full album, Adult Contermporary, is available in August. Not only a singer/songwriter, but also a college professor and creative professional, QueenEarth doesn’t just teach English and Continuing Education, but she teaches tolerance, uses her artistry to advocate, and sings about social justice. Her single “Supermodel” is about marriage equality, and besides singing, educating, and playing and teaching guitar, the Baltimore baller can also beatbox.

Not taking any time off, QueenEarth will be playing in her own summer league in support of Adult Contemporary.  At times she takes her talent and art to away games, but you can certainly see her at her home court in Baltimore.    QueenEarth always brings her A-game and even tallies some assists, as she often passes the mic to other music makers who perform with her.  Her summer schedule has her playing at everywhere from festivals and farmers markets to pride parades and cozy cafes.

When I think of QueenEarth I can’t help but hear the line from the movie Taken:  “What I do have are a very particular set of skills.  Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you….” QueenEarth conquers those who oppose her with creativity and class, will and skill, intelligence and inspiration.  Based on the sneak peek singles that she’s shared, I’m gonna bet on my bracket and say that Adult Contemporary is going to be a slam dunk.

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