DB Rocker: Rain or Shine


Sometimes days can be deceiving and you just can’t calculate how the night will end.  Sometimes sunshine segways into a storm, one that you can’t predict and you’re unprepared for, and as you’re walking down the street with no armor against the weather, you have no other choice but to rally with the rain.  This happens to me quite consistently, and after taking the time to think it through I always come to the same conclusion:  instead of stressing out from some situation I can’t control, why not go with the flow and embrace the elements, because, after all, as the proverb points out, “Turn your face to the sun and shadows fall behind you.”  DB Rocker works in any weather, rain or shine.

Fan favorites DB Rocker Dante Battistelli – Guitar, Bill Kohne-Vocals, Gary Hagan-Bass, Todd Williams – Drums, and Jeremy Deems-Keyboards have shared the stage with Blue Oyster Cult, Foghat, and The Outlaws. When it comes to the atmosphere that surrounds their sets, the band can get people on the dance floor in a breeze.  They accumulate classic covers, can hit you with something hard and heavy, whip you with some top 40 wind, and even share their sunshine with some originals, which they will be heading into the studio in early fall to record.  DB Rocker is over two decades strong, with veterans that are both vintage and verdent, securing a sound that is the perfect storm.

Proving their power and presence, with such longevity and loyalty, DB rocker isn’t slowing down anytime soon.  In fact, this maelstrom of music is picking up speed and will be responsible for outages all over the Ohio Valley. Their summer schedule should be on every rocker’s radar, and  they have a show tomorrow at River City Ale Works that is sure to generate some wild weather.  Kick off the weekend after the sun sets and come dance in DB Rocker’s rock and roll rain.

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