Those Three Little Words


So I’ve seen those commercials lately that show the significance of the word ‘and.’  You know, where they eat just sweet chicken and then eat just  sour chicken and decide that sweet AND sour chicken is by far better? Or, I have my own personal picks for the best pairs, too:  chocolate and peanut butter, Cheech and Chong, yin and yang, tits and ass, me and Bobby McGhee, love and love.  Saturday, you can see another combination:  Gorby and Treuman!

I’ve jawed about Jason Treuman before.  I said he was an “all-around artist,” something that’s only been reenforced since I recognized it.  He plays with plenty of people, be it with a band or at a jam, or you can see him at some shows alone.  The same can be said for Mr. Mike Gorby.  Usually playing as part of a rhythmic rock -n-soul blues band, Gorby can either share the stage with someone or steal the stage alone.  Both men have a respectable reputation, inspiring other people, like Billy Litman, to pick up the guitar and play.

The duo will be something to see Saturday at Down on Main Street.  Keeping the live music coming, The Rusty Haywhackers will kick off the weekend and take the stage tonight, and Sunday you can see (and he’s something to see) Baoku Moses at the Ohio Valley Black Heritage Festival.    Although it’s hard for me to say those three little words in a relationship, I am completely committed to live music.  We will be together forever. I love the local scene, and of all the ‘ands’ that exist, there is one that embodies everything, those 3 words that every girl wants to hear:  GORBY AND TREUMAN!

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