Jeremy Leonard: Artist Addiction

Habits are hard to break.  We all know this.  Some people’s include smoking,  swearing, sweets, that Alice in Wonderland porn that I continually keep watching. Some people have some strange addictions, there’s even a show about it, but more important is the power to persevere, the outlook to overcome.  Jeremy Leonard is an artist that is addicted to making music, but his latest video shows another side of having a habit, and how important it is to get help.

I’ve heard it said that love is the hardest habit to break, and JL got hooked on making music from a young age.  When I last talked to him he had made it through the first round of the Golden Voice for the Grammy’s Contest, which he went on to win.  Referring to music as his “first love,” he admits that he is “deep into” his music addiction.  However, he realizes that people can become dependent on a lot more detrimental things, and that many people have a bigger monkey on their backs than music, so he made a bold, brave, video about battling and beating an addiction.

Directed by Painted Picturez, the video has gone viral and “I Close My Eyes” has over 7,000 YouTube views.  It is featured on stations and websites near and far, including, 50 Cent’s website.  The song doesn’t sugarcoat as it is real and relatable, just like Leonard.  I said before that “in a sky full of supposed stars, Jeremy Leonard is one of the few that actually shines,” but that he “doesn’t just dazzle in the dark.”  With this new song, he shines a light on the darkness of dependency, he illuminates the effects and gives those with habits hope to get help. When it comes to JL, I am under his influence, strung out on his songs, fiending for more music.  JL is an artist I’m addicted to.

Locally, if you or someone you know is seeking help you can contact the Ohio County Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition or HealthWays, Inc., both of which include resources and referrals.

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