Tongue N Cheek: Hair Hath No Fury


We’ve all had those moments when we’re in a bathroom stall taking too much time reading the writing on the wall.  When I move somewhere new the first thing I do is find a bar bathroom and take notes.  Bathroom stalls cover quite a bit of information:  Who to call for a good time, who has what STD, vote for Satan, no tax on unicorns, that this very stall is where Ashley found out she was pregnant, and that Dave was here.  Come Saturday night, I fully expect to have some Tongue ‘N Cheek inspired wall wisdom.

This weekend the Upper Ohio Valley Italian Heritage Festival kicks off with its enclave of events.  Aside from all the artists associated with that, including the Catch Blues Band’s very last show, there’s something else to see Saturday night:  Tongue ‘N Cheek’s return to River City! The bandana-clad cover band includes Dino Valentino on drums, Doctor Scary on lead guitar and lead vocals, Ace Rocketsauce on guitar, and  Dirk Magnum on bass and background vocals. With glitzy guitars and pants that are their own performance, Tongue ‘N Cheek isn’t a show to see, but an event to experience.  It’s not a show, it’s the show, and they’re ready to “rock your rigatoni’s off.”

Tongue ‘N Cheek wants you to stop being calm and start being awesome.  With songs to sing along to that are not only rowdy but recognizable, they are appealing not only artistically but aesthetically, not only vocally but visually, and their hair is better than yours.  They  had a poll on their page about how high the hair should be, with the gold going to “gigantic.”   I’ll be bringing a marker to accompany their music, and you best believe that I’m going to tell the world, or, at least all the people that pick a particular stall, that hair hath no fury like a Tongue ‘N Cheek show!

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