NollieFest 2013: Band Buffet


We’ve all been to a buffet.  You get to pick what you put on your plate.  There’s the soup and salad bar, main meal, and then you can decide on dessert.  Tomorrow, Friday August 9th, at the Steel Mill Bar and Grille, there’s something else to snack on – NollieFest 2013.

Named after the basic skateboarding trick of a Nose Ollie, NollieFest is an attempt to “bring a mini Van’s Warped Tour to the Ohio Valley.”  Each band is a diverse dish that will pacify your hunger pings and offer something for all fans to feast on.  An all day event and all ages show, the first set is served at 3 P.M. and new music provided on an hourly platter.  An event that will really give you the bands for your buck, five dollars gets you the all-day assortment of the southern metal of What Great Fangs, the pop/punk provided by Splash Panel,  Drop the Act, Anchors to Anchors, and Pretty Little Kennedy’s Curse, the happy hardcore of We Must Save the Princess, the folk/pop of Down They Fall, and the comedy of Tom Nelson.

Doug Richardson cooked up this concert, with Creighton Hill’s creativity, and when it comes to the meat of the matter, it’s always well done. Presented by Party Wolf Productions, NollieFest 2013 will be a smorgasbord of sounds.  Brought to you by Brimstone Sound, it will be something your ears can eat up.  Come see the mega music menu and gorge on the buffet of bands, because NollieFest 2013 is a real treat.

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