Frontroom: Bodhi Band


Music has had its fair share of memorable moments.  People caught on pretty fast that it could be used as more than just an art form, but as an awareness activity, an educational event.  Musicians can do more than perform, they can promote, be proactive, present a platform.  A lot of artists now aren’t just music makers, but mediums for a movement, avenues for activism, charitable agents of change.

Whether they’re raising money for Farm Aid or channeling their charity through Chime For Change or making music for the Mac Aids Fund, artists are going global with more than just their music, but their morals. Sharing more than just their concerts, but their concerns, more than just their voice, but their values, a lot of artists don’t just entertain, but inform. Their concerts are cognizant, their music is mindful, they don’t just play to do a show, but to make a difference.  One such bodhi band is Frontroom.

Tammy Chase-Vocals/Keyboard/Harmonica, Wayde Chase – Vocals/Guitar/Mandolin/Harmonica, Eric Holsinger- Vocals/Guitar, and Jimi Lancaster – Percussion/Vocals, are mindful musicians. A fusion of many genres, Frontroom is folky bluegrass, or “newgrass,”  with heartfelt four part harmonies. Their cognizant concerts include both covers and originals.  One  such unselfish show they have coming up is the Relay For Life Band Bash.

The slogan, “A Singin’ and a Pickin’ for a Cancer Butt-Kickin’,” sets the stage for the show.  With a lineup of loyal awareness advocates , the show will be held at Zalenski’s in Wintersville, Ohio on May 3rd starting at 5 P.M.  Other music makers involved include MC Mark Henderson, Mark McMillion, Everett Metz, Bill Dailey, Jim Platt’s Rhythm Innovation, Anthony Horner, Todd Whitaker, We Fed a Chili Dog to Al Roker, and For What It’s Worth. For an admission of $5 you can not only see all their sets, but raise money for the relay team, not only see a show, but show support. Come to the concert, or as I should say, cause-cert.

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