River City: Let the Pigeons Loose!


Just like the flowers are starting to bloom and blossom, so are more shows starting to pop up.  The spring season brings things back to life, and we get to see the seeds of the local scene sprout.  From open mic Mondays to Toe Tappin’ Tuesdays, Waterfront Wednesdays to Electric Jam Thursdays, from Friday night bands to full on festivals, music is prospering all over the place.  Along with the warmer weather and May music comes something besides bands:  birds.  On Thursday, May15th, it won’t be Velvet Sky, but River City who lets the pigeons loose!

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong  are a four piece band from Baltimore, Maryland.  Self-described as “that feeling you get when you wake up in the morning and realize you still have a couple hours to sleep,” Greg Ormont – Vocals/Guitar,
Jeremy Schon – Guitar/Vocals, Ben Carrey – Bass/Vocals, and Dan Schwartz – Drums/Electronics are ever evolving funk rock fliers.  They begin the first three days of May making music in New York before heading to Harrisburg, PA, and soaring into River City on their spring tour.    The show, which also features local favorites KR-3, is certainly a jam to come see germinate.

KR-3 will be at the Maydaze Festival in Franklin, OH on May 2nd, the Treehuggers Ball in Terra Alta, WV on May 8th, and at the Huntington Ale House in Huntington, WV on May 10th before bringing their psychedelic sound back to River City on May 15th.  The show, in which tickets are $8 in advance or $10 at the door, will not only be a concert of original compositions, but an entire evening of electric energy and improvisation.  What you’ll find growing in the garden is two unparalleled plants, distinguished and delightful, exclusive entertainment.  With live sounds that are unconventionally contagious, sensibly psychedelic, accomplished arrangements, the show will be both danceable and deep, mindful and mind-bending, grounded and groovy.

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong and KR-3 are an infectious epidemic.  They have sounds that spread like phlox, bring a smile to your face like sunflowers.  Both bands have a pretty booked seasonal schedule, and they will only grow with every watering. Be horticulturalists of music and come see KR-3 in concert, become a member of the pigeon’s self-identifying fan base, The Flock, and help sow the seeds of the local scene for many more shows to come.

One thought on “River City: Let the Pigeons Loose!

  1. It’s going to be an amazing show!! Let’s show the bands, that even in Wheeling, we can rage on a Thursday night!!

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